First Photos of Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump

February 4, 2013 By:
First Photos of Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump
Image By: TopStar

Kate Middleton is flashing her royal baby bump! Gasp! Except she’s trying to cover up the bump beneath a giant plaid cape, at least we think that’s a cape?

Kate was visiting a Boots store in West London, and even though she tried to cover up, she was showing a fuller face. Honestly, it looks good on her. Kate sometimes wavers into Victoria-Beckham-skinny status.

This is the FIRST time we’ve seen Kate’s stomach look anything close to pregnant. When she emerged from the hospital and the few events she’s done since then, she was wearing her usual body-conscious dresses with zero signs of a bump.

Us Weekly is reporting that Kate is fully recovered from her monster morning sickness and is trying to get in as much work before the baby arrives. Well, as a royal, I don’t know if it’s called “work” or rather, it’s her “duties.”

Kate is “arranging meetings with the charities she is involved with and planning future engagements before the baby is born.”

“She wants to keep herself busy now that she is feeling better,” says the source.

If by “busy” they mean shopping, then yes. Kate has been on a shopping spree, mainly for maternity wear.

She was spotted buying yoga pants, needing some that will fit her belly. Kate was also buying up actual maternity wear at a London boutique.