7 Signs Kate Middleton Was Pregnant

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7 Signs Kate Middleton Was Pregnant
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The Royal Palace has just announced Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, which is a no-brainer for us at Hollyscoop who have seen the pregnancy signs since day 1. Don’t believe us, here’s why Kate’s baby bump is a total “we told you so.”

1)   Refused a glass of wine – Kate Middleton toasted the Queen with water at two royal appearances back in September. This is basically the highest form of disrespect in royal culture. Toasting the Queen with water! Off with her head! They still do that, right?

2)   Received a onesie as a gift – Just last week, Prince William received a onesie as a gift from a random fan and told the fan, “I’ll keep that.” Apparently Harry was very smitten with the gift, if they weren’t pregnant why would he need a onesie? Exactly our point.

3)   Kate Refuses Peanut Butter – At a press event Kate Middleton was offered a snack that contained peanut butter in it. She could have a nut allergy, but apparently British doctors highly discourage women from eating peanuts while pregnant for fear that their kid will develop a peanut allergy.

4)   A psychic told us so - Yesterday, before news even broke, we talked to a psychic who predicted the pregnancy, “Yeah, a little girl, but he [Will] would love a big family so I'm only going to say three to four children,” psychic Jane Wallace told us.

5)   Kate cut her bangs – We at Hollyscoop think Kate’s new hair change was a way to distract everyone from her newfound pregnancy glow. Everyone was momentarily distracted by her bangs, so yeah, it worked.

6)   She’s wearing looser clothes – Kate has stepped out recently in a peplum style dress, which is widely regarded as the dress you wear when you want to hide your belly. She’s also been wearing looser clothes than normal, which is strange for the Duchess who usually wears figure-hugging (yet tasteful) dresses.

7)   Friends have been talking about Will’s fatherly instincts – Before the news broke, a close friend of the couple, Jessica Hay, starting spilling deets on how great a father than William will be. “William is very much like his mother Princess Diana and will definitely be a hands-on dad and not rely heavily on nannies to raise his and Catherine’s children.” Hmmm, why are you talking about parenting styles if they were expecting super soon.