Kat Von D and Deadmau5 Break Up For Good

June 27, 2013 By:
Kat Von D and Deadmau5 Break Up For Good

It’s the Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth of the reality TV-meets-electronic music world: Kat Von D, the face of “LA Ink,” and Deadmau5, the deejay with a face shaped like a mouse, have switched the switch on their on-again-off-again romance to off again.

Yesterday, Kat tweeted a couple pretty clear messages about their status, even why it happened.

“Cheating on your loved one is the most hurtful thing one could do. I hate to have to admit that this relationship is indeed over,” she wrote.

“Onwards and upwards,” she added.

When a fan tweeted, “Don’t take him back no matter what. Ur worth more than that” what was Kat’s response? “Never,” she answered.

It seems the Kat caught her mau5, they played, and now she’s certain she no longer wants it.

Nothing from Deadmau5, real name: Joel Zimmerman, on the cheating circumstances of which Kat’s implying, but despite his visage, on Twitter, he’s not exactly quiet as a mouse. In former relationships, with Kat and others, he’s been fairly vocal about his feelings, heartbreak and otherwise.