Kanye West Fires Kim’s Management, Controlling Her Career

August 14, 2013 By:
Kanye West Fires Kim’s Management, Controlling Her Career

There’s a reason why Kim Kardashian has been hiding out like a kidnapee for the last two months…it’s because Kanye West won’t let her out of the house.

If you want to believe RadarOnline.com, apparently all of Kim’s friends think Kanye has taken complete control over Kim’s “career” and is micromanaging every second of her life.

“Kanye wants to make sure that every single aspect of Kim’s life is now handled the way he wants it to be,” says the source, “He is controlling everything from her wardrobe to business choices and it’s definitely a change for Kim, who has always relied on her mother to take care of her. A lot of what Kim does now is dictated by Kanye.”

The source adds that Kim can’t possibly be a mom and think about her career even though women all over the world do both everyday. Whatever.

Also, it’s been reported recently that Kim fired her long time publicist, so Kanye is REALLY influencing her now that she doesn’t have her PR team to look to.

“This is just another way Kanye is asserting his control over Kim and trying to make sure she follows his lead in everything instead of what her own mother has always done, which is completely expose every aspect of her life to the public for money,” says the source, “Kanye is different. He isn’t a reality star and he doesn’t want Kim to be so public with their personal lives anymore.”