Kanye To Debut Film At Cannes

May 18, 2012 By:
Kanye To Debut Film At Cannes

From Kim to Cannes, Kanye’s been just about everywhere that matters this week.

The musician, MC, producer, fashion designer, and Fatburger franchisor, wants to continue to expand his creative reach with the debut of a short film next Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival (not for competition—just for fun, and press coverage, of course).

This isn’t his first stint behind the camera. In 2010, Kanye directed and starred in Runaway a sort of music video compilation companion to his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Not one known for his subtlety, Kanye’s new project, “Cruel Summer” isn’t just a film. According to a press release received by The Huffington Post it’s an "immersive seven-screen experience," that’s "a fusion of short film and art installation."

Though we aren’t really sure what that means, we are certainly looking forward to it. Because let’s be honest, whether it’s a scandal of erratic behavior, or a dope single, Kanye always brings it as an entertainer.