JWoww On Mike “The Situation” – He’s Still Crazy!

July 25, 2012 By:
JWoww On Mike “The Situation” – He’s Still Crazy!

In case you were worried that Season 6 of the “Jersey Shore” was going to be too tame now that Nicole “Snooki” is pregnant and Mike “The Situation” is sober, fret not, it’s still going to have it’s fair share of smack downs, verbal spats, and hot tub kickbacks, because The Situation “is still crazy,” says JWoww.

Most of last season involved Snooki and Mike drama (they hooked up? they didn’t?) but now that Mike is out of rehab, JWoww assures us that nothing much has changed with her pal Mike.

“Mike will always be Mike,” JWoww tells Hollyscoop, “but I have to say I’m so proud of him, he definitely did a 180 but he still is the Situation and he does have a lot of mending to do…but he’s still The Situation, he’s still Mike, he’s still crazy!”

Translation: He STILL has a six-pack, wait scratch that, ten-pack.

There also used to be drama between Mike and the rest of the cast, with Mike claiming that he was no longer friends with anyone in the house, but that’s all been sorted out, says JWoww…well, sort of…

“I can say for the house that everyone’s very proud of him, the only one I guess in the house that would have an issue [with him] would be Nicole and you’ll see how that kind of plays out…” JWoww teases us.

Snooki and The Situation still have "issues?!" You'll have to watch to find out, says JWoww.

But with all this self-improvement, what possibly is going to happen on the show this season? Lots of hugging?

“[Season 6] reminds me of the first season,” Jwoww assures us, “We had a few altercations inside the house but a lot with the outside world and people that just became a part of our lives for good or bad, but had to get a verbal smack down, once or twice…maybe three times.”

So here’s the final count, Mike = Still Crazy, Season 6 = Lots of Drama, Verbal Smack Downs = one to three times.