Justin Timberlake Debuts Weird Flat-Ironed Hair

May 17, 2013 By:
Justin Timberlake Debuts Weird Flat-Ironed Hair

Gone are Justin Timberlake’s signature curly locks, he’s opted instead for a blowout and has been wearing it about town and we’re not sure we’re onboard.

Justin’s new hair is the ever-popular side-part, flat-ironed and swept to one side and under normal circumstances we like this look, but JT literally looks like he went to a dry bar and asked for a Brazilian blowout.

Sometimes JT slicks his hair back and looks like a French film-noir detective. Other times he pushes it to the side like Chris Evans when he’s being “Captain America.”

Justin has been making the rounds doing appearances for White House fundraising dinners in NY and promoting his new film at the Cannes Film Festival.

While promoting “Spinning Gold,” a new biopic in which he plays Neil Bogart, the man who made Donna Summer a star, Justin decided to flex his famous “SNL” muscles and try out a few jokes.

The Donna Summer hit, “Love to Love You Baby” famously featured Donna moaning and groaning, meant to conjure up the sounds of an orgasm.

But JT had to take this to TMI town, telling people that they should listen to Neil Bogart’s 20-minute extended version of the song to give women enough time to satisfy themselves because, “women can’t have an orgasm in three minutes.”

Boom! Drops mic!