You Won't Believe What Bieber Requests at Hotels

June 20, 2013 By:
You Won't Believe What Bieber Requests at Hotels

Justin Bieber ain’t a little boy no more!

No, but seriously you guys need to listen up. Justin Bieber is staying in a lot of hotels and bedding a lot of women. How do we know this? Read it and weep underage Beliebers.

When Justin recently checked into an NYC hotel, he called down to the lobby to wait for it, ASK FOR MORE CONDOMS.

Not only is Justin in need of condoms, he needs MORE than what he previously asked for!

“He asked for more intimacy kits with condoms,” a hotel source told Life & Style.

At least he practices safe sex. What a role model.

Another source at the hotel said that she was working on a different day when he came in, she told the mag, “He ALWAYS requests condoms…and jelly beans!”

What? How are those even uttered in the same sentence?

Honestly, Bieber is probably faking it so the hotel concierge will believe he’s a baller, when he’s really just up in his hotel with Lil Twist taking Insta-selfies.

Speaking of Insta-selfies. Users can now post videos on Instrgram, so naturally, Bieber already gifted us his first selfie viddy.

He appears so stoned in the video, we literally cannot deal. Cannot. Will not. We can’t stop. Ugghh #Miley

Watch Bieber’s stoner Insta-moment below.