Why are Bieber’s Fans Throwing Phones at Him?

August 1, 2013 By:
Why are Bieber’s Fans Throwing Phones at Him?

Justin Bieber’s fans continue to plummet into the throes of insanity.

During a concert stop earlier this week, Beliebers were throwing stuff on stage at their favorite pop star. It wasn’t because they were mad and were “booing” him by throwing garbage and the like; his fans were throwing smart phones up on stage, because people in America are dumb.

If people are throwing iPhones, then that’s just wasteful. But if they threw say, a Samsung Galaxy, then carry on.  

Bieber stopped the concert to tell his fans to “refrain” from throwing things on stage.

“Refrain, do you guys know what that means? Refrain. Stop,” Bieber instructs his audience, because clearly he thinks that if his fans don’t know what to do with cell phones, they most certainly don’t know about big ol' SAT words like REFRAIN!

Justin Bieber. Performer. Singer. Douchebag. Vocabulary Disciplinarian.

Then, Bieber put the phone in his pants, probably to take a picture of his Bieber (natch), and then tossed it back to his fans.

So, the headline is “Why are Bieber’s fans throwing phones at him,” but we have no effing idea why. Because Bieber’s fans are dummies? Because kids these days don’t know that iPhones cost several hundred dollars? Because cell phones can’t “refrain” from getting tossed against their will!?

Watch the video here.