Video: Justin Bieber Peeing Into Janitor Mop Bucket

July 10, 2013 By:
Video: Justin Bieber Peeing Into Janitor Mop Bucket

The singing, dancing, Tasmanian devil, who sometimes goes by the name Justin Bieber, pissed his way through a New York City restaurant and it was his most idiotic move yet—all caught on video.*

In the tape, prior to exiting the establishment, Justin realized he had to tinkle. Instead of making a few 90-degree turns to survey his surroundings for the appropriate placards indicating the route he should take to find the designated restrooms like a normal person, Justin remembered, suddenly, he’s superior to New York City health codes and the rest of us, deciding to pee in the nearest open air vestibule resembling a toilet.

In this case, that would be the restaurant's mop bucket.

This restaurant mop bucket that the restaurant’s janitor would eventually have to clean up for him.

In the final few seconds of the clip, he sprays a random portrait of Bill Clinton and bellows, “F*** Bill Clinton!”

*Appears to have been recorded sometime earlier this year, pre-his tattooed sleeve