Topless Justin Bieber Is "Frustrated" During Grammys

February 11, 2013 By:
Topless Justin Bieber Is

Justin Bieber has just Instagrammed a topless photo with the caption “Never Been So Frustrated.”


Several things could be happening right now.

Justin is frustrated that he’s NOT at the Grammys right now, as he was infamously NOT nominated in any categories.

But that doesn’t explain why his shirt is off?

No shirt on…frustrated…you’re leaving us with only one option JB and we think it rhymes with “basterbating.” We’re not being very subtle about it.

In actuality, Justin is frustrated that his “Twitcam” livestream isn’t working, because he scheduled a livechat to happen right now and apparently the site is not loading.

Nice scheduling Justin, you weren’t nominated for a Grammy so you created a fan livechat for the same time. Classy.

Speaking of classy, PUT A SHIRT ON and stop taking selfies!