Justin Bieber's Mystery New Girlfriend Revealed

June 21, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber's Mystery New Girlfriend Revealed

Justin Bieber has a new girl. And she’s a far cry from Selena Gomez.

Justin was spotted wandering around Miami with this unidentified woman who looks like a whole lotta woman for Bieber to handle. 

She looks like his stylist or babysitter, or maybe Lil Twist’s older sister, but the Internet wants us to believe that it's his date.

Later that night, Bieber and the girl were spotted sitting together all self-conscious and date-like in a luxury box seat during a Miami Heat game.

Anyways, that girl is donezo because Bieber is heading back to LA. He just posted a new Instagram video getting on a private plane and it’s the most pointless 15 seconds we’ve spent on the Internet today.