Justin Bieber's Bizarre Swag Bunny Tattoo

April 4, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber's Bizarre Swag Bunny Tattoo
Image By: Coleman-Rayner


Justin Bieber got his hands on some ink and needles and let's just say he probably shouldn't quit his day job.

The pop singer tatted up famous tattoo artist Bang Bang at his studio in Manhattan and the result was…well, let's just say if he wants to take a break from music given all the negative press he's gotten lately, for the sake of skin, pursue anything but the tattoo industry.

The Biebs left a one-of-a-kind living nightmare tattoo on the artist's leg: a scraggly rabbit and the words "swaggy" running alongside. The kind of picture you'd doodle in the margins of your high school pre-algebra textbook when you're bored in class and just so over fractions and life.

The bunny also shows off a six-pack because it isn't wearing a shirt, naturally. Clearly, the "muscled mouse" is Justin anthropomorphized, the creature he'd be reincarnated as in the next life. Can't wait to see how Bang Bang explains this tattoo to his grandchildren in 25 years..."Well, you know that man singing in all the Old Navy commercials now? You see, a long time ago he used to be this famous boy named Justin Bieber..."

With this ink, Justin just joined a pretty exclusive (and hairy) club today. The leg of the tattoo artist is something of a Hollywood Walk of Stars, but tattoos. Surrounding the swaggy bunny is the handiwork of other celebrities such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, and more.

The craziest thought to draw from all this is that even when knowing what his shaky technique looks like now, any of Justin's crazed fans would still let him put a needle to their bodies if it meant that he would be touching their skin. Anything to be close to him.