Justin Bieber's "Worst Birthday" Explained

March 4, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber's
Image By: Splash News

Bieber’s birthday gone bust…

In case you haven’t heard yet, Justin Bieber turned the big 1-9 on Friday and he celebrated with a “big night” out. Unfortunately all did not go according to plan…

“Worst birthday,” JB tweeted on Saturday, which sent a collective gasp across the Belieber nation.

Reports claimed that Bieber had been accused of sneaking minors in to his Friday night shindig at the Cirque Du Soir nightclub in London.

Justin went on to explain his rage on Instagram in the most 19-year-old way possible:

“The funny moment when people believe I brought underage people to a club.. U think Will is letting his 14 year old in a club, I don't think so.. 2nd I love how the club wanted to give the press another reason to why we didn't stay at their weak ass club so they wouldn't look bad for me walking in and right back out..i said m "worst bday" but that was due to dummies pushing over my fans and being overly aggressive. Btw it wasn't the worst bday cuz all my friends from back home flew in I was just mad in the moment.”

The singer was overseas on tour and had just wrapped a show in Birmingham, England. Reportedly among the naughty minors accused of trying to break the rules were Jaden Smith and Ella-Paige Roberts-Clark, 17.

Bieber’s woe is me social media rant seemed to be a classic case of “It’s My Party (And I’ll Cry If I Want To).”

Jenny Johnson, famous now for her volatile and potty-mouthed battle with Chris Brown, replied to Justin’s “worst birthday”  with this tweet: “...said the 19-year old multi-millionaire.”

That about sums it up.