Justin Bieber Plans to Buy Neverland Ranch

August 13, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Plans to Buy Neverland Ranch

In both real estate and seriously, WHY R U DOIN DAT? news, Justin Bieber wants to buy Neverland Ranch.

The pop star sent his team to the town of Los Olivos to view the estate, just two hours away from his current residence in Calabasas.

Due to all the controversy that Justin’s been getting into lately, his management wants the singer to live in a more remote part of California, some quieter terrain to keep him out of trouble.

Justin is basically getting exiled.

According to a source close to Justin, because of all the distress he’s putting his team through by being the worrrrsssssttttttt, “the best thing is for him to get out of central LA and live a quieter life,” the Sunday People reported.

“His team genuinely fear for him and want him to calm down and be happy,” added the source. “They’ve found the ideal solution, which is to move him to a ranch hours out of the city where he won’t be constantly hounded.”

That’s where the modern-day prison (Neverland) comes in. The famed Michael Jackson estate is for sale, so “it’s a no-brainer for Justin,” the source said, “he would love to live there.”

However, living in such a rundown, middle of nowhere area would run contrary to his partying ways—definitely a difficult trade-off for the singer.

And we don’t see that happening any time soon.