Justin Bieber Lands Forbes Celebrity 100 List Cover

May 17, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber Lands Forbes Celebrity 100 List Cover

Move Over Donald Trump, Here Comes Justin Bieber. (insert joke about their shared infatuation for side swept hair here).

The 18-year-old burgeoning business mogul just landed the third spot on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, as well as the magazines latest cover.

The Celebrity 100 is an annual composition of the most influential celebs whose standings are calculated based on income, Google hits, fan base, press clips and magazine covers. Bieber scored big landing right behind Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey.

Though he’s sold over 12 million albums since 2009, it wasn’t his music that caught the attention of the folks at Forbes. “We focused on Bieber this year because of his investments in startups, not the music he sells.”

Not old enough for the big money celebrity endorsement deals (liquor & shoes-- his demographic can’t afford), Justin (read: his business manager) came up with another strategy. He has been busy in his off time investing in somewhere between 12 to 14 tech start-ups, the most notable of which being Spotify—the music streaming service that boasts “all music, all the time.”

A slogan that may sum up Bieber’s true love for now, but whenever he’s done singing, he’ll clearly have plenty of other interests and dividends to keep him occupied.