Justin Bieber Facing Deportation Over Club Brawl

August 14, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Facing Deportation Over Club Brawl

It appears the bloody brawl Justin Bieber and Co. got into in the Hamptons recently was the last straw.

The Canadian singer is reportedly facing possible deportation over his antics on August 4, which put him at the center of an ongoing police investigation, says Star.

According to various reports, the brawl happened all because of an H&M bow tie that wasn’t returned (not kidding). A heated altercation occurred between Justin and a 22-year-old male at a club in South Pointe, which ended with Justin’s entourage beating up the clubgoer and leaving him with a black eye and a bruised rib.

“If Justin is convicted of assault or battery, he could be refused admission to the United States or be placed into removal proceedings from the United States,” explained immigration attorney Richard Yemm.

Some close to the singer’s inner circle think its something Justin’s had coming for months.

“He’s a huge punk and thinks he’s invincible,” a source told Star. “Justin’s bodyguards take the heat and go after people he has a problem with.”