Justin Bieber Completes Sleeve Tattoo

August 2, 2013 By:
Justin Bieber Completes Sleeve Tattoo

Justin Bieber has 17 tattoos now. For those uninformed youth whose idea of getting a tattoo is a small butterfly on their ankle, Bieber just finished a “sleeve” tattoo, which is basically when your arm is so covered in tats, it resembles a sleeve.

Bieber showed off his new tattoos last night after a gig in New Jersey and it looks like the new tat is of a rose. So hard, Bieber, so hard.

Bieber got the ink done at Bang Bang Tattoo parlor in NYC and was there so long, he had pizza delivered to the studio, because tattoos don’t stop for nothing!

In three years, Bieber has collected 17 tattoos. It’s almost like he’s trying to compensate for something, you know, like, lack of swag or general lameness or whatever.

Bieber loves getting ink at Bang Bang. It's the establishment that gave him that weird ink of his mother’s eye.