Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Make-Up and Break-Up Again

November 19, 2012 By:
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Make-Up and Break-Up Again
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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a VERY eventful weekend. Let’s start with their BIG FIGHT on Friday night.

On Friday night, Selena and Justin went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant by their homes in the valley. Everything was going fine until about 10 minutes after sitting down the two get into a huge fight and Selena storms off!

Bieber ran after her and the two got into separate cars and drove away.

TMZ has the photos of them leaving the restaurant and can I just say that maybe if Justin wasn’t dressed like K-Fed then maybe Selena wouldn’t have fled the restaurant. I’m just saying… 

So then they get back to Selena’s home and Selena wouldn’t let Justin past the gate outside her house! 

However, he eventually was let in to her place because his car was seen leaving her home in the early hours of Saturday morning. We’ll call this a walk of shame.

Then (oh, it gets better!) Selena goes out to dinner with Taylor Swift and I’m sure they talked about Justin and Taylor’s only advice was probably “you guys should never ever ever ever get back together.”

On Sunday, Bieber performed at the American Music Awards and was nearly in tears while he performed an acoustic version of “As Long As You Love Me.” It was obviously about Selena.

Jenny McCarthy tweeted about it: "My cub @justinbeiber brought his acceptable and beautifully aged beauty Selena to the AMA after party," she tweeted. "Guess I'm back on the prowl. Rww!"

After the AMA awards they were spotted walking into Bootsy Bellows nightclub holding hands.  But as of late last night, these two are officially single, however, Selena pulled a total “woman” on Bieber and even after she shut him out of her home and blew-up on him over dinner, she now wants to mend the relationship!

But now Justin isn’t sure he wants her back because she’s been acting so crazy!

So that’s what’s happening at Hollywood High-School.