Bieber Beat: Sad, Single, and Gun Assault

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Bieber Beat: Sad, Single, and Gun Assault
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Partly because he’s always up to something, but mostly because we can't stop reading about him, we’ve decided to round up all things Biebs.

The boy wonder seems to be as busy as ever, both in his career and making headlines. Here is what's going on in the man-boy’s life today…

Sad and Single: It’s been a sad couple of weeks for Justin, ever since calling it quits with longtime girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

According to a new interview he gave with Billboard magazine, Justin isn’t in the “happiest place” of his life.

But, base on what we’re seeing—from his world travels, to herds of woman suitors at his fingertips, to being besties with Victoria secret modelsthere isn’t a whole lot for JB to complain about.

This is the first time Justin’s spoken openly about the split. Selena beat him to the punch, singing, “Cry Me a River” at a recent concert—a low blow, bitter girlfriend kind of move. 

Nerf Gun A—hole: Apparently, Justin is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon… If by “deadly weapon,” you mean the foam dart guns you used to shoot up your 5-year-old cronies at sleepover parties with? Yes, a Nerf gun.

According to TMZ, Justin was in Ottawa, Canada playing a game of last man standing with his four-year-old sister and three-year-old brother when a stray dart veered off and struck a female security worker.

The woman filed a police report and drama ensued. Lesson learned: Don’t hire Canadian security guards. They’re pansies.

New 3D Video Confirmed: During a stop in Miami, Florida, Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, reportedly announced that there was a new 3D movie on the way, a la Never Say Never the sequel.

Here’s his message that some outlets are relaying:

“Last time we were in Miami it was crazy, so we’re going to shoot this like we’re shooting a movie. So, for tonight and tomorrow in Miami only, Jon M. Chu, the director of Never Say Never is going to be here with all these video cameras shooting you guys and Justin. Miami, prove us right that you are one of the craziest and loudest cities in the world!”

Scooter later tweeted a photo of the filming actually happening. In the background, fans gasped, cried, and—yes screamed a whole lot.