Star's Valentine's Day Plans Revealed

February 14, 2013 By:
Star's Valentine's Day Plans Revealed
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Stars, they’re just like you. For Valentine's Day, celebrity plans are probably just like yours. Their boyfriends make crappy attempts at cooking and someone gives them grocery store-brand chocolates and OK KIDDING, celebs have far more glamorous plans for V-Day, we assume.

Here’s what the stars are doing on this love holiday:

Kelly Clarkson – Hawaii! Kelly Clarkson jetted off to Hawaii with her fiancé Brandon Blackstock to celebrate V-Day aloha style!

Rihanna and Chris Brown – These two will share V-Day in a threesome with Mary Jane. Kidding, kind of! Rihanna recently Instagrammed “Mary Jane will be my Valentine.” In case you didn’t know, Mary Jane is marijuana. Rihanna will be spending the holiday with a blunt. Breezy might be there too. 

Katie Holmes - Katie Holmes will spend V-day alone with Suri making red pancakes (their tradition!). But don’t feel too bad, Katie reportedly LOVES being single, according to a source. Singles Awareness Day? “YES PLEASE” – Katie Holmes.

Taylor Swift – T-Swift told Ryan Seacrest she will spend Valentine's Day “with my friends or rehearsing,” and said she’s totally okay with it, saying, “I don’t think I’d rather be anywhere else, to be honest.” COOOLLLL!

Julianne Hough – Maybe, getting engaged! Probably not, but Julianne did say that Ryan Seacrest planned their first two V-Day’s together and they were “over the top” and she’s not sure how he will top it this year. It would be a perfect opportunity to propose!

Nick Cannon – Making babies! Nick Cannon said he and Mariah Carey got a babysitter so they can “make some more babies!” TMI!