How Julianne Hough’s Valentine's Day Plans Got Ruined

February 15, 2013 By:
How Julianne Hough’s Valentine's Day Plans Got Ruined

Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest had BIG plans for Valentine's day. Julianne was whisked off by Ryan to London for a romantic getaway, that is until the plane made an unscheduled emergency landing in Las Vegas.

This would never have happened on a private jet, we’re honestly surprised Ryan Seacrest doesn’t have one yet. He could probably afford two.

Anyways, the couples’ flight on British Airways had to stop in Vegas on what was called an emergency “heavy” landing, because the plane has to make a stop before emptying the fuel tank. It’s unclear why the plane had to stop in the first place.

According to British Airways, the couple is posted up in a Vegas hotel instead of their intended romantic destination in the UK.

Unfortunately, and ironically, Julianne tweeted a photo from Ryan earlier in the day of a bouquet of roses and a note that reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day! The plans you think are the plans are not the plans. Don’t be late. I love you.”

Yeah, pretty sure the Vegas emergency landing was not part of “the plans.”