Julianne Hough: I Plan Dates With Busy Ryan Months In Advance

January 15, 2013 By:
Julianne Hough: I Plan Dates With Busy Ryan Months In Advance
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Ryan Seacrest is arguably the busiest person in Hollywood. I’m amazed at how he even has time for his jobs, let alone a relationship, but somehow he and Julianne Hough have made their long-term relationship work, despite the rigors of their Hollywood lifestyles.

Julianne says their secret is planning months in advance, which sounds like the opposite of romantic, but hey, whatever works.

“It's tough, it really is tough, but we always find a way, you know. I mean, when it’s worth it, it's worth it and you figure it out…there's a lot of scheduling months in advance to make sure we're in the same place or get to the same place,” Julianne tells Hollyscoop at The Art of Elysium’s Heaven Gala in Los Angeles.

Because her boyfriend is the King of the Red Carpet, Julianne plans to be right by his side all awards season long.

“I’m gonna go rock the carpet with my man and you know, hit some parties, that’s what it’s about, right?”

Julianne says her pre-event ritual is hitting the gym and getting ready prom-style with one of her gal pals.

“I'll probably get up and workout. I love to workout. I always put on some jams. I like my Ellie Goulding Pandora station while I get ready with the girls,” Julianne tells us, “I love doing that. I love getting ready with girls, it's fun.”

 Julianne must have forgotten her pre-show workout at the Golden Globes, because she posted this photo at 4am on Monday morning after attending the InStyle Golden Globes party where she ripped her dress in two, right up BOTH her legs. 

Julianne tweeted, "Uhhm again...I love to dance regardless of how expensive a dress may be...You can't hold me down!!! :)"