Celebs Share Their New Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2012 By:
Celebs Share Their New Year's Resolutions

Ohhh New Years Resolutions. Every year on January 1st, billions of people pledge to lose weight, hit the treadmill, quit smoking, or spend more time with friends and family. No matter what it is, all of us make this pact with ourselves every year, and the stars are no different. Hollyscoop got the scoop on all the celebs New Years resolutions.

90210 star Shenae Grimes says her NYE resolution is simple, "just work towards being a better me." Simple enough.

Tyson Ritter of the All American Rejects has a funny resolution, "My New Years resolution is to try not to fall in love every five seconds every time I walk down one of these freaking carpets. I swear, some of the woman look like lightning bolts in red dresses, it's terrible I have to pinch myself as sort of a device to keep myself from staring." Somehow I don't think anyone would oppose to falling in love with him.

Boo Boo Stewart plays one of the werewolves in the latest Twilight flick and says for his resolution he wants to "conserve energy, go more green." I guess running around the pine trees of Washington while filming Twilight really rubbed off on him.

Dancing With The Stars winner JR Martinez has a very detailed resolution, "Sit back and really appreciate the whole year and really captivate everything," he tells us, "continue to work hard and stay humble, stay true to who I am and be patient and enjoy every opportunity."

Jack Black is our first celeb to admit to the default "loose weight" resolution, "I'd like to drop a couple LB's, get back to my high school weight."

Josh Duhamel says he hasn't figured out his yet, "I haven't really thought of it yet...New Years resolution, crunch time is like a few days before Christmas?" Well, it seems like Duhamel should have one figured out by now. I guess we can forgive him.

Weird Al jokes around, "Yes, my New Years resolution is to continue breathing oxygen because I have no evolved gills yet." Yet? or ever? No wonder they call him Weird.

Actor Billy Bob Thornton has resolved to make really really good movies in the coming year, "I'll try to make movies about real people and encourage my friends to do the same and hopefully we can keep the culture from crumbling cause it starts right there."