Johnny Depp's Wheel Of Potential Future Lovers

June 20, 2012 By:
Johnny Depp's Wheel Of Potential Future Lovers

Teen girls, soccer moms, fan boys, gay men, bro dudes, smart girls, bimbos, blondes, brunettes, school teachers, criminals, rock stars…. They all have one thing in common…They all love Johnny Depp.

Which is why the news of his official separation from longtime partner Vanessa Paradis hit the public like a strong uppercut to the nads. Believe me… We’re still picking up the pieces here at Hollyscoop.

But, even in these dark times, we must carry on. We must remember the good times that this couple had, and – most importantly – we must stay positive about the future.

This is why we’ve created list of possible future mates for the actor whenever he so chooses to date again. Sure, this stud could have his pick of women, but here’s a list of some of our favorite females that we think could be the peanut butter to his jelly.

Join us as we spin the wheel of potential future Johnny Depp lovers in the following age groups…

50s: Johnny’s nearing 50, and just because we assume he would want to be dating young, doesn’t mean Captain Jack wouldn’t want to pirate himself some cougar booty. For this category, we landed on Sheryl Crow.

40s: Falling in the actor’s own age range of 40-50 is the magnificent and charming Sandra Bullock. After Jesse James, we know Sandra likes tattoos and bad boys, so we just assumed it’d work.

30s: Unfortunately Angelina’s already taken, and he’s already been with Winona Ryder… Still, we think Michelle Williams is a very close third. Sure, Jason Segel’s funny, but JD is easily on the hotness level that Michelle became accustomed to with Heath Ledger. After all, Johnny did play him in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

20s: 20 is getting a little young for the “aging” actor. But how about 21? If he’s going to go this young, we think he could do a little, well… different than Ashley Olsen. Actually, we think he might look good standing on the carpet next to Emma Roberts. It’s just kooky enough to work…

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