7 Plastic Surgery Addicted Stars

December 15, 2012 By:
7 Plastic Surgery Addicted Stars

The only thing these celebs need to face…is their face.

Plastic surgery is like the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Going under the knife is hard to simply sweep under the rug when 87% of your fame is basically having photos of your visage taken for a living by a broke stranger at every turn.

Whether outspoken or keeping their surgeries tight-lipped, we’re speaking up for these ladies who are constantly under the paparazzi’s microscopic lens it’s beginning to look a little too much.

Meg Ryan — America’s sweetheart Meg Ryan is breaking everyone’s heart with her new look. Does anyone know her AOL address? Someone needs to email her to redirect all those Botox and Restylane injection offers to her Spam folder like, yesterday.

Sharon Osbourne — In a recent interview on Anderson Cooper, Sharon says that she’s had “everything!” done. Yes, “everything!” with the exclamation mark. “There’s not one thing I haven’t had lifted, cut, or sewn back on,” she said honestly, before mentioning a leg lift she had to tighten up her gams. Sharon doesn’t actually look that bad. We just want her to stop so she can talk about something else—anything else!—on daytime television.

Goldie Hawn — With every operation, Goldie’s shine starts to glimmer less. Counterproductive. The recent results look unnatural for her age. She has such a great personality to carry her out through the years, she really doesn’t need to go under the knife anymore. We only tell you this because we love you and love Private Benjamin… Stop! 

Cher — The singer-actress owns and embraces her plastic surgery, but it’s time to stop. If she has any more work done I fear she may live forever. No human should be allowed to break the circle of life.

Joan Rivers — The comedian has claimed to have over 700 surgeries, which is great and funny and all, but let’s just hope that’s the highest number she count to and retain in her old age because 701 can’t be healthy.

Heidi Montag — Heidi reintroduced herself on the scene in a whole new Barbie bod. The reality TV star went totally fake, having 10 surgeries all at one time—seeing her reappear was like watching an entire season of “Nip/Tuck” all at once. She’s already expressed some regret, reflecting it wasn’t the best idea, so let’s see if she sticks to that and puts an end to it all.

Donatella Versace — From totally normal Italian woman to one of her crazy Versace designs, Donatella looks unrecognizable now. There’s no reason to continue down this runway. Cut into fabrics and clothes, nothing more.