Jimmy Fallon's Childhood Home Is Still On The Market

June 8, 2012 By:
Jimmy Fallon's Childhood Home Is Still On The Market

Looking to move to upstate New York, but still want to keep your ties to the rich and famous?

We have just the thing you’re looking for: Jimmy Fallon’s childhood home is on the market!

In case you don’t know humor, Fallon, an actor and comedian, is best known for his 13 year run on Saturday Night Live and current host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The real estate website Zillow recently caught wind of the former Fallon family residence which is going for $210,000, down $10,000 from just a month earlier. The home has been on the market for 71 days but The Fallons haven't lived there since the late '70s.

The realtor who has the listing tells Hollyscoop exclusively that while there isn't an offer yet on the property, there has been "decent activity."

"Even Jimmy has been talking about it on Twitter," she says.

So what does $210,000 get you in Saugerties, NY? A half-acre fenced in lot with a 1,780 sf, three bedroom, two bath, single family home and an extra cottage house in the yard with a built in keg (party house).

Check out the site to see pictures and note what they refer to as areas that could use some “cosmetic updates,” (i.e. note to future owners, the plaid wallpaper and pine-paneled walls need to go, for real).

Basically it looks like a good all-American place to raise a family, or a least a bunch of dogs. And maybe there’s some humble-roots karma floating around the country kitchen that can catapult some kid or pet straight to the top of their game.

Jimmy's sister, Gloria Fallon, does a blog for his show called "Growing Up Fallon," and shared some memories and family photos of fun times in their childhood backyard.

The photos are classic "growing up in the sticks during the '70s" photos of various sports the pair played and she writes: "When Jimmy and I were growing up in Saugerties, NY, we spent a lot of time in our backyard, playing just about any sport you can think of. Not because we were good at sports or because we loved the backyard - we just weren’t allowed to go anywhere else. And since we had no idea that we were missing out on the world at large, we had a pretty great time."

The home still obviously holds a place in their hearts.

But it doesn’t seem that Jimmy’s nostalgia is worth procuring the place for future heirs. He’s moved on. To a $5.7 million Hampton estate.