How Jessica Simpson Lost the Baby Weight

November 27, 2013 By:
How Jessica Simpson Lost the Baby Weight
Image By: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

Jessica Simpson has reportedly lost 70 lbs since giving birth to her son Ace at the end of June. While she hasn’t come out with her official Weight Watchers commercial/press tour/whatever, OK! magazine managed to find out exactly what she’s been doing to lose the weight.

-She eats five times a day. She does two smoothies, two snacks and one meal. In a couple of months, she’ll up that to, one smoothie, two meals and two snacks.

-Twice a week she gets “free” meals, which is like a cheat day, but she only gets to “cheat” on two meals every week.

-She carries “C snacks” with her, which stands for “crunchy and cut.” Crunchy meaning popcorn or crackers and cut meaning vegetables or apple slices.

-She doesn’t really get a “rest day” from exercise. Even on days when she doesn’t hit the gym, she has to take 10,000 steps per day. She gets that in by chasing the kids around, going for a walk, or traveling through an airport.

-Sample snacks for Jessica include: an apple and turkey slices or celery sticks with peanut butter.

-A sample dinner would be grilled steak and baby spinach.

-Her trainer says she prefers the blender over the juicer because blending a smoothie retains a lot of nutritional fiber that juicing leaves out.