Top 5 'Jersey Shore' Cast Complaints About Italy

August 11, 2011 By:
Top 5 'Jersey Shore' Cast Complaints About Italy

Number one is that there's not enough Herpes medication.

Leave it to The Situation, Snooki, and the rest of the gang to find things to complain about while getting paid to live in Florence, Italy. The cast was set to visit their "homeland", but since the Bronx Zoo was packed, MTV decided to send them to Italy instead. Episode one of season four kicked off last Thursday, and there will be even more fist pumping tonight. So, since they've been shooting, what complaints has the cast made about their trip?

Nothing's in English: As if they could read it anyway. While wandering through the airport, the girls had a hard time finding their way around because everything was written in Italian. Go figure.

Blow dryers won't work: When Pauly D tried to plug in his hair dryer and it didn't work, concierge Dena Cortese came to the rescue. "What voltage is it? Is that 18,000? If your voltage is 1600, you need a 2000 voltage." Pauly D then basically set up a power plant in the wall just so he could dry his hair. Does his 'do really require that much work? I assumed he just squirted cement glue in it and then hung upside down for an hour.

Not enough tanning salons: "The tanning beds sucked," Snooki said. She joked that she went one time and got more pale. Also, the Jersey Shore cast didn't like that the salons required appointments. I'm guessing they had trouble with the language barrier and went into a funeral home by mistake. I've never seen a tanning bed made out of cedar, but okay. GTL!

The gym was too far: Yes, the cast drove to the gym. Which is like eating your way to a restaurant. But after Snooki hit a police car and injured her neck, the gym trips were no more. So why was she even driving? Snooki was the only chick in the group who could drive a stick-shift. And I guess she couldn’t really drive it.

There's too much Italian food: What most people go to Italy for, these seven were complaining about. What, were there too many historic statues and beautiful buildings, too? They said the pizza crust was too thin and they couldn’t find any chicken parmesan. There was no free breadsticks and no unlimited soup and salad neitha! I thought when ya here, you're family!.

Manicures take too long: JWoww complained that her fake nails took four hours to apply. Alright, I gotta give her that one. I mean, it probably takes her another four hours to take off her makeup at night. A girl's only got so many hours in a day!

The streets are cobblestone: The girls complained about the cobblestone streets being uncomfortable to walk on in heels. Which is understandable, because they can barely stand up on flat streets.