Reality Star Salaries Revealed

July 13, 2011 By:
Reality Star Salaries Revealed

Some of the richest people in television are the ones that don’t do anything. I’m talking about the stars of reality television.

The Osbourne family was arguably the first really popular reality show, and even back in 2002 the dysfunctional family was making $5 Million per person per episode during season 2. That’s 1,000 times what they were paid during the first season! And they were already rich to start with!

For Season 4 of “Jersey Shore” the cast members are all making $100,000 per episode. PER EPISODE! EVEN DEENA! They each will make over a million at the end of the season. Only in America does working at a t-shirt store, dressing ugly, drinking in public and making a lifestyle out of doing laundry make you a millionaire. America, where dreams do come true.

If the Jersey Shore salaries make you want to put a torch to your college degree, start pouring out the lighter fluid when you hear what Lauren Conrad made on “The Hills.” At the height of the show, LC made $125,000 an episode or $2.5 million a year. She just went to her fake work and acted boring and stroked her hair. MTV really needs to re-evaluate their priorities.

Kate Gosselin made $500,000 for her stint on Dancing With The Stars and since she only lasted 5 weeks, that’s essentially $100,000 per episode. If you’ve seen her season on DWTS you will know that her dancing resembled something like stumbling around after a handful of Xanax. You could say she made half a mil to be really, really bad at something.

Simon Cowell used to make $35 million a season on American Idol. I can live with this salary, I mean, Cowell at least provides a service, right? Sitting in an oversized chair and telling people they aren’t good enough is deserving of $35 mil a year, no? Jennifer Lopez only made $12 million for her first season on Idol. Pennies.