Former 'Jersey Shore' Star's Cry for Help

August 23, 2013 By:
Former 'Jersey Shore' Star's Cry for Help

Do you guys know what rock bottom looks like? It’s okay, we have a video of it for you…Deena Cortese’s terribly depressing cry for help/audition tape/rock bottom thing just “hit the net” and by “hit the net” we mean “she uploaded it herself” and we’re not even sure why we’re writing about it, but “cry for help” seemed clickable, no?

Former “Jersey Shore” housemate Deena Cortese disappeared from the public consciousness because uh, there’s only so much room for basics with bad tans and cheap flat irons. Besides, Snooki and that other one are already taking up that space.

Anyway, it’s time for Deena to reinvent herself, so she’s decided to become a singer (duh) and has just filmed this video basically begging the public to listen to her music and take her seriously. Honestly, we just cried a little bit because it’s so sad.

Watch the video below and then watch that other video of her singing drunk.