What's Going On At 'American Idol?'

July 13, 2012 By:
What's Going On At 'American Idol?'

Are all three “American Idol” judges leaving the show?!?!?

Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez spent an entire interview tip-toeing around it, but pretty much unofficially confirming that she doesn’t want to come back for season 12.

While Steven Tyler had absolutely no problem opening his famously big mouth to sing his goodbyes to his judge's gavel.

Now, Us Weekly is reporting that OG judge Randy Jackson might be over sitting in that big chair listening to warbling hopefuls as well!

Though there has yet to be any official statement released, the mag is claiming that he no longer wants to directly effect the fate of the contestants, but wants to remain part of the whole thing by taking more of a “mentoring roll” on the show.

Steven Tyler Says Goodbye to American Idol

We have no idea what that means.

So, how are the executives feeling with all these headlines flying around?

According to a source, the shows producers officially “think they need to freshen everything up now."

Which, we think: yeah, definitely.

But get this, it’s rumored that they are currently in negotiations trying to secure the one and only Mariah Carey for the job! And they have an inside track to the singer as she is just one of the stars whose careers is managed by Jackson himself.

Jennifer Lopez Hints At Leaving American Idol

"They are in serious talks with Mariah and it's very close to being a done deal.”

Though seriously, can “AI” afford her? I mean, this chick practically bathes herself in gold dust… and wouldn’t there be some kind of conflict of interest with her and husband Nick Cannon each working their own nationally televised talent shows?

Hmmm…. Can you all say “reality show in the making”?

Anyway, other rumored potential season 12 judges include Fergie and Adam Lambert.

And maybe Britney Spears? Just kidding, Simon Cowell already beat his former employer to the punch on that one, successfully kicking their butts months before the next seasons of “AI” and “X Factor” even begin.

In the meantime, host Ryan Seacrest is in Chicago holding the first round of auditions.

Whatever happens next, we wish “American Idol,” Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez the best in their pursuits.