Marc Anthony Told J.Lo She Needs to See a Psychiatrist

January 10, 2012 By:
Marc Anthony Told J.Lo She Needs to See a Psychiatrist

But she’s already seeing a backup dancer…

Marc Anthony has reportedly told his estranged wife, Jennifer Lopez, that she needs to see a shrink. Shortly after announcing their split, J.Lo moved on to her much younger backup dancer, Casper Smart. Apparently, Anthony thinks she has issues with being alone.

According to, the couple got into a fight over the weekend.

"As always with things between Jen and Marc recently, the conversation quickly turned heated," a source close to the situation tells "Jen said Marc wasn't being attentive enough as their father, and Marc scoffed at that remark and said she was always changing her travel plans with the children at the last minute.”

According to the source, Marc is “extremely jealous” over Lopez’s relationship with Casper.

“The real source of Marc's anger is Jen's relationship with back-up dancer, Casper Smart. Jen is VERY serious about him, and it makes Marc extremely jealous. Marc told Jen that she should see a psychiatrist to deal with her issues to figure out why she always needs a man in her life.”

So, should Marc seek therapy too? Because I really don’t see there being a support group for “Men Who Love To Date Twentysomething Models”

The source continued: "Remember, Jen and Ben (Affleck) had just broken up when she got hot and heavy with Marc. Jen's relationship with Marc was the longest relationship she ever had with anyone, about seven and a half years."

Anthony apparently also banned Casper from driving his children around anywhere, because Smart has been arrested for drag racing.

"He will go straight to family court if he needs to get a judge involved to make sure Casper doesn't get behind the wheel with his kids in the car," the insider says.