J.Lo Worries About Casper Smart Age Gap

September 14, 2012 By:
J.Lo Worries About Casper Smart Age Gap

“Stunning. Revealing. Intimate…” Three words read in a creepiest way by Katie Couric, describing her latest interview with J.Lo.

A new teaser trailer of an upcoming episode of “Katie” shows the “Dance Again” singer as the latest all-star guest. In the interview the songstress confesses the juicy details about her love life, admitting boyfriend Casper Smart’s young age is daunting even to her.

Once she gets in the chair, there was no hiding from the 18-year age gap between Jennifer and her boy toy.

“The whole number thing for me is hard to get my mind around,” says J.Lo, adding, “I did used to like the bad boys.”

The host agrees, adding “been there, done that…” (Um, GAG!)

Later on the episode, Casper makes a surprise guest appearance, dancing with Katie on stage as J.Lo watches with delight.

During the interview, though, Katie pushs the subject further, asking, “What was it about him that caught your eye?”

Gee, I don’t know, Katie… Maybe it’s the fact that Casper is a steaming pill of shirtless man muscle…

The host also delves into the subject of J.Lo’s divorce with Mark Anthony.

“You never want to break up a family,” says J.Lo. “I’m just trying to get it right.”

Aside from romance, the “American Idol” topic was bound to come up and does. Couric might have accidently dropped some unknown information, slipping that Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban were all secretly onboard for Season 12.

Since then, FOX has released the following statement to UK’s Daily Mail:

“Please note that the only confirmed judge for American Idol is Mariah Carey. No other judges have been announced at this time.”