Jennifer Lopez On Remarrying: 'We'll See'

January 30, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lopez On Remarrying: 'We'll See'

The dust hasn’t even really settled with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, but some are wondering if Jennifer Lopez will ever walk down the aisle again after her third failed marriage.

Well, she’s definitely not a quitter.

On the Today show, Matt Lauer asked J.Lo if marriage was ever going to be in her future again, and Lopez responded:

"I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. We'll see. I mean, I don't know.”

That’s four ‘I don’t knows’ there. So in short, the answer is yes.

“It’s not time to think about that yet,” Lopez said. “It’s still fresh.”

At which point I like to imagine Matt Lauer put away the engagement ring he was planning to present J.Lo. Because that would've made for some damn good television.

When asked about working with her estranged husband, Marc Anthony, Lopez said that while it gets complicated, they still have a mutual respect for each other.

"Marc and I were friends before we got married. We were friends for years, and we always loved each other. And we always worked together, so it wasn't an unnatural thing for us to continue working together. And, obviously, we have children together, so it's not like he’s not going to be in my life. He's always going to be in my life."

Then, Matt Lauer asked Lopez about her now infamous words in Vanity Fair:

I love myself enough to walk away from that now.

When Matt asked if she could clarify that statement, Lopez responded:

“No, I can’t. Everything I wanted to say about my divorce I said in that article.”