Celebrity Cougars: Five Women Who Know What They Want

June 8, 2012 By:
Celebrity Cougars: Five Women Who Know What They Want

Something seems to be in the air these days, older women are opting for “young and hot” over “mature and well-established.”

And why not? Who says the men get to have all the fun with their 20-something conquests? Here’s some of our favorite cougars, some old hands, some fresh out of the cage.

Get some ladies. Get. Some.

Kathy Griffin, 51 and Randy Bick, 32

Kathy first alluded to her beau during an interview with Rosie O’Donnell in January in which she said, “He's a really nice normal guy who doesn't care for the spotlight, and I like it that way. He does too!"
This week the two (one wearing significantly more clothing than the other) were photographed beaching it up in Miami.
Griffin married a man 10 years her junior in 2001 and then divorced him in 2006 due to, among other problems, him possibly embezzling money from her.
We wish Kathy well in her future boy toy endeavors, and hope this one is a bit more mature than the last.

Sharon Stone, 54 and Martin Mica, 27

Last week we brought you the details on Stone’s sandy beach romp with her Argentinean model suitor. Harnessing her basic instinct, Stone was seen taking Mica back to her hotel the night they met.

Five Things You Didn't Know About Sharon Stone

Stone, who is twice divorced has hinted and then flat out admitted publicly that she’s swung both ways saying, “"Middle age is an open-minded period."
Regardless of her past experiences, she’s clearly currently right in the middle of a boy phase.

Jennifer Lopez, 42 and Casper Smart, 25

Post marriage to Marc Anthony (ok so it’s not officially “post,” as the marriage isn’t officially over, so I guess “post announcement of a pending divorce”), JLo went back to her back-up dancing roots.
Smart was working with Lopez, got promoted to choreographer on her new tour, and now she’s hooked him up with a reality show where he’ll be featured working for her, naturally.
Lopez has been married three times, and though the second two were around her age, her first husband whom she married at 27, was 5 years younger.
Maybe JLo is looking to get her groove back -- she keeps getting older, but the boys stay the same age.

Tyra Banks, 38 and Robert Evans, 24

Taking a queue from Jennifer Lopez, Tyra went fishing in the pond filled with boys from her payroll. In addition to round the town sightings, she’s been posting Twitter pics of herself on the lap of Evans, a model and the new judge of America’s Next Top Model.
Before Evans, Tyra was hanging with Drake who’s but a wee 25 years of age. While we applaud her efforts as of late, it’s important to address the obvious to make the rest of us feel better about ourselves – even one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world can experience a near-mid-life crisis.

Mariah Carey, 43 and Nick Cannon, 31

Carey and Cannon married in 2008 and they are the proud parents of adorable one-year-old twins (look for yourself, they have their own website). The two met, perfectly enough, in 2005 when he presented her with a Teen Choice award.

Twins First birthday Celebration

Let’s just say it, Nick seems like a good time, and Mariah seems… uhm, high maintenance. Maybe she needed someone young with ample energy to cater to her whims? Or maybe they just really like each other? Whatever the dynamic, Cannon does nothing but put his wife of four years on a pedestal. And they’re cute together. So there.