Why Jennifer Lawrence Won’t Spend Her Money

March 27, 2013 By:
Why Jennifer Lawrence Won’t Spend Her Money

Jennifer Lawrence is a money-grubbing penny pincher. KIDDING! But also not.

J.Law probably has A LOT of money; $12 million to be exact. But she won’t spend any of it.

She says she’s still driving the car she’s had since she was a teen and she hasn’t splashed out on a palatial Hollywood hills mansion. Heck, she won’t even buy anything from the mini-bar when she stays in hotels.

J.Law told Fabulous magazine, “I still drive my same car I’ve been driving for a long time and I haven’t bought a house yet.”

To be specific, she drives a VW Eos, which is a $34,000 car. Yes, a Volkswagon. She is worth $12 million and she drives a VW. Regular people drive Volkswagons! She’s so cool and down-to-earth! She’s just like us!

And she lives in Santa Monica, while most celebrities live high up in the winding hills above Hollywood, behind giant gated walls. The celebs that DO choose to live by the ocean, live in the Palisades or Malibu, nobody famous lives in Santa Monica, except Jen, because she's chill and down-to-earth and you might run into her at the Third Street Promenade.

“I was raised to have value for money, to have respect for money, even though you have a lot of it,” Jen tells the mag, “That’s why mini-bars are difficult, because it’s like yes, I can afford a $6 Snickers bar, but there’s just something wrong with that!”

This is why we love J.Law, she’s not cocky or egotistical and ins't buying dozens of cars like that hood-rat Justin Bieber.

“Definitely my family is not the kind of family that would ever let me turn into an a$$hole or anything like that, so I am fortunate to have them. I just constantly feel so lucky,” says Jen, “I don’t really have time to feel cocky.”

That being said, we won’t hate you Jen if you buy a Mercedes.