Who Should Jennifer Lawrence Date Next?

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Who Should Jennifer Lawrence Date Next?
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Jennifer Lawrence. IT-Girl. Box Office gold. Indie Darling. Our best friend. Newly single! Jennifer Lawrence broke up with Nicholas Hoult a few months ago, but now that she’s single and the most popular person in the world, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find JLaw her next boyfriend.

No one is good enough for our girl Jen, but we tried.

Eddie Redmayne: We know she likes Brit dudes since she dated Nicholas Hoult AND she likes guys with terrifyingly precise bone structure and a kind of alien-type face. Eddie fits both of those categories. BUT we’re afraid he might be too feminine for her?

Alex Pettyfer: Alex Pettyfer is a low-key Hollywood heartthrob. He dated Vanessa Hudgens, Diana Agron AND was engaged to Riley Keough. We’re not saying JLaw should date a player, but he’s rumored to be playing the lead in “50 Shades Of Grey” so Jen needs to get him when he’s on his way up.

Lucas Till: This might get awkward, because Jen starred in X-Men: First Class with Lucas AND her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, so there might be some bros-before-hoes awkwardness going on, but whatever Lucas is cute and they can bond while they film the sequel.

Mark Foster: It’s hard to find a Hollywood guy who doesn’t take himself so seriously, so we figured that a rocker would be better suited for J.Law, but not a hardcore tatted up rocker, more like a tame indie rocker like Mark Foster, the frontman for Foster The People.

Wesley Schultz: Using the logic above with our other music choice for JLaw is Wesley Schultz, the lead singer of the Lumineers, most famous for their hit song, “Ho Hey.” Wesley seems like just the right amount of fame for our girl Jen.