Jennifer Lawrence’s Parents Hoped She Wouldn't Get Famous

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Parents Hoped She Wouldn't Get Famous
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Here’s something you never want to hear from your parents. “Follow your dreams honey, but if you settle for being mediocre, we’d actually prefer that.”

Because that’s basically what Jennifer Lawrence’s parents were hoping for when their daughter said she wanted to be an actress.

When JLaw was 14, she begged her mom to take her to New York so she could pursue her dream of becoming “famous.”

Jen’s mom thought (and hoped) it was just a phase but took her daughter to NY anyway, because she heard the pizza was good (we made up that second part).

“I really thought let’s just get this over with and go to spring break and you’ll hear, ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out' so many times. I would have never taken her if I thought something actually would have happened so the joke was on me,” mom Karen Lawrence told WDRB News.

Unfortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, their daughter was just too talented and skyrocketed from unknown indie actress to the most famous person ever.

“It’s weird to see her posters and magazines at Target and Kroger,” says her brother Blaine.

Oh also, since rumors that JLaw is dating Bradley Cooper never seem to die, her parents set the record straight, “She is not dating Bradley Cooper, nor was she ever. They’re just really good friends. No truth to it.”