Jennifer Lawrence Flips Off Press

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Jennifer Lawrence Flips Off Press
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By now you’ve heard: Jennifer Lawrence ate floor on her way up to accept the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

The incident has been blasted all over the Internet in the form of looped GIFs and every kind of gossip story imaginable. It also overshadowed her acceptance speech.

“You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell — it's really embarrassing,” she said into the microphone after regaining her footing. “This is nuts!”

But the story didn’t end there…

In a post ceremony press conference, Lawrence flashed a solid middle finger at the reporters while getting her picture taken with her statuette.

While it remains unclear what her reasoning was behind the vulgar move, here are some possible explanations.

    1. She was flipping off Jessica Chastain. Like, “I got it and you didn’t. Also, I beat Meryl at the Golden Globes, ‘member?”
    2. It was directed at a photog who told her somewhat critically to “watch her step.”
    3. She was flipping off the stylist who dressed her in this massive gown that caused her to fall in the first place.
    4. She was starving. A Hunger Games-fueled rage delirium took over and nasty Jen came out.
    5. It was just Jennifer Lawrence being Jennifer Lawrence.