Where Is Jennifer Aniston Getting Married?

February 27, 2013 By:
Where Is Jennifer Aniston Getting Married?
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According to reports, Jennifer Aniston is getting married “very soon,” and while “very soon” doesn’t really mean anything because gossip changes as often as Lindsay Lohan gets arrested, we’re just going to assume Jen is getting married next month, because March sounds like a great time for a wedding.

But where will she and Justin Theroux get hitched? We have our ideas.

Italy:  Jen went on a romantic trip to Italy with Justin over the summer and it was even rumored that Justin actually proposed on this getaway, but the couple waited two months to announce the exciting news to the public. They may return to the Mediterranean destination where it all began and perhaps their vacation was used to scout wedding locations.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Jen probably owns half the sand in Cabo at this point, she’s been renting out Joe Francis’ house there several times a year since her first big “Friends” paycheck, so we think she might return there to get hitched and hopefully avoid all the pesky stateside paparazzi.

Her House: Rumor has it that Jen has a HUGE backyard (specifically three acres of land and her own vineyard) at her Bel Air estate, so why would she ever get married anywhere except her own home when she lives at a damn resort!

Oprah’s House: This one is kind of a wildcard, but back in 2006 Jen was rumored to be getting hitched to Vince Vaughn at Oprah’s mansion, so we’re just dusting off an old gossip gem.

New York: Justin is a total New Yorker and made the switch to a bicoastal lifestyle when he met Jen, so it would be nice for Justin to get married in his old NYC stomping grounds.