On-Screen to Off-Screen Romances, Does it Last?

July 14, 2011 By:
On-Screen to Off-Screen Romances, Does it Last?

A lot of romances in Hollywood are created on set, but will an onscreen romance last once the lights, camera, and action are removed?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart met on the set of Twilight were they play the most romantic onscreen couple since Romeo and Juliet. Nothing says true love like SPOILER ALERT “I will die for you.”

Off-screen these two are the most obnoxiously hipster couple and have Rpatz fan-girls loosing their sh-t every time K-Stew is photographed leaving that yoga studio looking all pale and skinny and what-not. They adopted a dog together (ugh) and named him bear (ugh so annoying) and go to comic-con (ugh so hipsters) and hang out in Canada together (stoppppp). This couple proves that off-screen and on-screen, they make it work.

Screw online dating and “The Bachelor,” playing a vampire onscreen seems to be the best way to finding love. If your local community theater is doing a staged reading of “Twilight,” I highly suggest that you audition.

Speaking of vampires, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder of TV’s “Vampire Diaries” are also real life lovers, meaning that they’ve been photographed leaving the airport together. It seems like this is another onscreen couple that is lasting.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley once famously dated after playing both boyfriend and girlfriend and stepsiblings on “Gossip Girl.” Yes, their characters were siblings and lovers because “Gossip Girl” ran out of drama that season. The two dated for three years and ended things in October 2010 but still had to go to set each day pretend to be on and off lovers. No longer dating starlet Blake Lively, Penn told friends at the Carrera Sunglasses Escape event that he is finally moving into the Lower East Side bachelor pad of his dreams where he plans to spend day and night chilling to music uninterrupted on his favorite SOUL by Ludacris headphones.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig play husband and wife in upcoming thriller “Dream House.” Apparently life does imitate art because these two just got hitched last month in a private ceremony. Weisz was with her partner of 9 years, director Darren Aronofsky and Craig was engaged at the time they met. Cut to less than a year later and the two are married to each other. Things move fast in Hollyweird.

Jennifer Aniston and current beau Justin Theroux met while filming “Wanderlust” and although the two don’t play lovers in the film they are obsessed with each other in real life. They moved in together after like 5 seconds of dating and Theroux left his girlfriend of 14 years for Aniston. They are either going to stay together forever or crash and burn real bad.

I said Rpatz and Kstew were the most romantic onscreen couple? I take that back, I forgot about Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Who can forget their timeless love story in “The Notebook" (me apparently) and their real life romance that followed. The two were engaged and Gosling called McAdams “the great love of his life,” well, until McAdams broke off the engagement.