Jennifer Aniston Steals Show at Ben Stiller Award Gala

November 16, 2012 By:
Jennifer Aniston Steals Show at Ben Stiller Award Gala

Ben Stiller is a comedy mega star. But—lets face it—Jen Aniston is better looking.

The 26th American Cinematheque Award Gala in Beverly Hills to honor Ben Stiller was a star-studded event. But, alas…all eyes seemed to be on the newly engaged Friends vet and her new husband-to-be, Justin Theroux.

Photos from the event show the couple walking the carpet together looking like they’re straight out of Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Whoops…Did I just say that?

Seriously, though, they looked good, and—more importantly—happy, smiling, laughing and hand groping as cameras flashed away. 

Jennifer wore a strapless black and white evening gown, possibly an effort to match her beau who looked dashing in his tux and bowtie. 

“Every shiksha on a j-date is looking for this boy.” Jen said at one point in the evening. “Perfection, Prolific and a Planner”.

The actress attended the event as Stiller’s co-star in Along Came Polly. And, despite his overshadowing recent title of “Jennifer Aniston’s boy toy,” Justin is also a longtime collaborator of the comedy king. Theroux scribed the script and wore an executive producer’s hat for Stiller’s Tropic Thunder, and he will be in charge of writing the now anticipated Zoolander 2.

Justin took to the stage at one point, introducing one of the funniest video segments of the night starring Tom Cruise, that he also produced.

Stiller was dubbed a “renaissance man of comedy” before accepting the honor. But he couldn’t help adding a jab of his iconic comedy even during his acceptance speech.

“I didn’t know you could be a renaissance man of just one thing. It’s like a being a jack-of-all-trades of plumbing,” he said.