Jennifer Aniston’s Weight Gain Explained

August 28, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston’s Weight Gain Explained

Jennifer Aniston showed off some brand new lbs while flouncing around Cabo last week and because the tabloid world is constantly obsessed with Jen’s waistline, a belly means pregnancy.

Well, Jen isn’t pregnant so Star magazine decided to launch an investigative report on what could possibly be responsible for Jen’s curvier new look and “eating more” isn’t the reason!

Fertility Drugs: Jen desperately wants to have kids SOMEDAY, but apparently she can’t get pregnant at her advanced age of 44, so she’s taking fertility drugs, which are supposedly causing her to gain weight.

Justin Loves Curves: Justin Theroux reportedly loves it that Jen has curves now. “He can’t take his eyes off her,” says the uber informative “source.”

She’s Prepping for a Role: Jen is reportedly playing a “therapist” in her new movie and everyone knows therapists aren’t skinny or fit. Duh.

She’s in Love: Jen’s so in love, she’s happy and eating whatever and saying “eff you.”

Age: She’s 44 and her best years are behind her. Goodbye yoga body, hello muffin top.