Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Bikini Bod on Vacation

August 22, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Bikini Bod on Vacation

Hey look, it’s Jennifer Aniston wearing a bikini in Mexico and she’s not pregnant.

Taking her clothes off for the paparazzi is one way to shut down a pregnancy rumor.

Jennifer Aniston, her fiancé Justin Theroux and their friends Jason Bateman and wife Amanda are all vacationing together in Mexico at a private oceanfront home.

Sidebar: Have you noticed how Jen loves vacationing with other couples? It’s like she can’t be alone or something? Anyway…moving on.

The actress pranced around in a tiny bandeau bathing suit and some “source” at the private home (Who? A maid? A delivery guy?) told E! News that the couple seems very much in love.

“Justin was doting on her and very chivalrous,” says the source, “They were never far from each other and clearly wanted to spend all of their time together.”

Well, the entire point of this post is to gawk at Jen in a bikini, so here you go. We’re running out of synonyms for “bikini bod” anyways.