Jennifer Aniston Accidentally Confirms She WILL Have a Baby

August 16, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston Accidentally Confirms She WILL Have a Baby

Jennifer Aniston has a prime opportunity to prank the entire entertainment industry, but for some reason she’s being more reserved than necessary.

She’s already explained her annoyance over the constant “baby pressure” stories from the media and the endless barrage of questions about why or when she’s going to have a child, like she’s breaking a law or something.

The 44-year-old calls it all very “boring,” just “silly fodder” to get more online clicks and sell papers.

“You could get the message out until you turned blue and that will still be a headline!” Jennifer told Yahoo omg! “Oh whatever, it’s all just silly fodder! It’s just boring, when it happens you will see it! Because that will keep growing as opposed to coming and going!”

So, there you have it. The most you're going to get from Jennifer on this topic is in that quote: a roundabout, arbitrary admission that she does plan on having a baby, presumably once she's married to Justin Theroux.

Where Jen goes, baby rumors always, always follow—she’s aware of the shadow it casts over her. “I know…I don’t know why!” she said.