A 1997 Jay Z Interview Featuring Two Women Having Oral Sex Has Surfaced

January 10, 2014 By:
A 1997 Jay Z Interview Featuring Two Women Having Oral Sex Has Surfaced
Image By: Getty Images / Ronald Martinez

Here's a flash from the past. Like, a literal flash. Of vadge.

And at the sidelines is none other than a 1997 version of Jay Z (when he hadn’t grown out of that hyphen yet) in a video interview that had him plopped on a couch right beside two women giving each other oral sex.

The ‘90s, maaaaaan.

At 28 years old, Shawn Carter was featured in an episode of Luke’s Freakshow, a celebrity program that provoked with its, uh, titillating interview tactics. 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell would chat with the singers/rappers/athletes of the grimy, grungy, late-'90s day to create a melting pot of pop culture and p*rn.

Now this relic has surfaced in the dusty chambers of Reddit and it’s quite bizarre when you hold it up to the larger-than-life hip-hop mogul we’ve become accustomed with today. Watch this very, very NSFW video, where Jay staggers through his sentences as two women go down on each other less than a pinky finger’s-length from him and remember this is now the guy who brunches (yes, brunches) at adorable French restaurants in the Upper West Side with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy.

We won't embed it here, but to keep it extra, extra clean, here's a link to music blog Consequence of Sound, who then links to the dark corner of the Internet video store where you can watch it.