The 10 Best Halloween Movies Ever And Why You Must Watch Them Immediately

October 23, 2012 By:
The 10 Best Halloween Movies Ever And Why You Must Watch Them Immediately

A horror film is still a horror film any day of the year, but a horror film on Halloween turns the spook factor up a notch. Hollyscoop and Netflix have teamed up to list the 10 Best Halloween Films ever. From Michael Myers to Hitchcock to Pinhead, here's what we're watching on October 31. If you want to enjoy these haunted classics, head to our Facebook page for instructions on how to win a 6-month Netflix subscription!

Children of the Corn: I know what you’re thinking, Children? Corn? What kind of cute Pixar movie is this? Right? WRONG. This freaky flick is about a couple who wander into a weird cult of children who kill off all adults. It’s equal part terrifying and hokey.

Scream: I think it’s safe to call Scream a classic. It reinvented the “slasher” genre and made killing hot home-alone teenagers cool again. Also, it launched the easiest Halloween costume ever, a “ghost face” mask, a hunting knife and a black cloak.

Scary Movie: The comedic antithesis to every horror movie prior to the year 2000 was the very first Scary Movie. This movie launched a chain of films (5, in fact) and inspired the rest of the “spoof movie” genre (i.e. Date Movie, Disaster Movie, and Meet the Spartans).

Hellraiser: The scariest thing about this movie is that if you cheat on your husband, your now-dead lover will come back as a zombie along with a flurry of other undead creatures including one guy named Pinhead that looks like an acupuncture session gone wrong. Greatest anti-cheating film ever!

The Omen: Avoid people born on June 6th, 1966. No seriously, this kid born on that date is nuts! After stealing someone’s baby (yeah, a stolen baby), a man and woman find out that their “adopted” kid is actually the anti-Christ. Evil ensues.

Psycho: Psychological thriller? Check. Slasher film? Check. Freudian Undertones? It’s got that too! You can actually relive Psycho in the upcoming film Hitchcock which recreates the drama behind the making of Psycho.

Dracula: “I Vant to Zuck Your Blood!” is NOT a quote from Dracula, but Bella Lugosi was still one of the first on-screen vampires to start the ultra sexy trend of blood-sucking. Dracula paved the way for Twilight, you guys, Robert Pattinson wouldn’t be here without Dracula!

Friday the 13:  Friday the 13th is far scarier than any of the subsequent sequels to this film, because the first flick doesn’t feature Jason or the hockey mask. The horror is in the mystery. Ooh, Ahh. It wasn’t until later films that Jason was introduced to the franchise and I can never look at a hockey mask the same ever again.

The Thing: Here’s the thing about The Thing, it’s an alien abduction and a horror film. How often does that happen? Basically a bunch of dudes go to the Antarctic and a shape-shifting alien starts to abduct their bodies.

Halloween - Resurrection: This movie is awesome because it's basically "The Real World" set in a haunted house. A bunch of attractive people are filmed while they live in Michael Myers' childhood home. He comes back to kill them all. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis escapes from a mental institution. It's insane.

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