Glamour UK’s Sexiest Man of 2013 Revealed

December 3, 2013 By:
Glamour UK’s Sexiest Man of 2013 Revealed

Normally we don’t pay attention to any of the UK “lists.” It’s always just a bunch of British actors we don’t know or it’s Tom Hiddleston winning everything.

Also, who IS Tom Hiddleston and how hot is he really? Anyways, here’s who our friends across the pond think are the hottest dudes right now.

Note: We’re only including the relevant dudes, aka international stars.

1.     Henry Cavill

2.     Robert Pattinson

3.     Liam Hemsworth

4.     Tom Hiddleston (see? We told ya)

5.     Benedict Cumberbatch

6.     Harry Styles

7.     Chris Hemsworth (NOT hotter than Liam? No way)

8.     Idris Elba

9.     Jamie Campbell Bower (he dated Lily Collins)

10. Justin Bieber (ew, really?)

11. Charlie Hunnam

12. Ian Somerhalder

13. Matthew Bomer

And then waaayyy down at the bottom of the list, Adam Levine came in at no. 93 and George Clooney was the 100th star.