Photos: Harry Styles Buys $4.8 Million Bachelor Pad

October 19, 2012 By:
Photos: Harry Styles Buys $4.8 Million Bachelor Pad

It’s a good day to be a boybander. 18-year-old Harry Styles, 1/5 of One Direction, has just taken his heartthrob status to the next level by splashing out on a $4.8 million bachelor pad in North London.

$4.8 million is nothing, as One Direction is estimated to be worth $100 million.

This place has got everything. Sun beds, topiary gardens, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 living rooms (how many is necessary?) and parking for 4 cars. His next big splurge? 3 more cars.

 The whole house in surrounded by brick walls to keep out screaming weirdos and paparazzi cameras.

The best part is the 4 bedrooms, for sleepovers with the boys of One Direction! Except for one. One of the One Directions can’t spend the night. Whose getting the boot? Is it Niall? It’s totally Niall.

A home wasn’t the only thing Harry Styles has acquired.

The boy-toy just got like 6 more tattoos that nobody noticed before.

On Tuesday, fans noticed that he now has two zig zag tats, a skeleton of a fish, the sign for 99 pence, and a phrase that begins with the words “I can’t…” Apparently the fan that spotted the tats couldn’t read the rest of the phrase. He also got a tat on his left arm that reads, “Things I can” and on the other arm, “Things I can’t.”

He has a total of 24 tattoos, all received in just the eight months since he turned 18!